What are the different credit cards of a revolving credit?

Bank credits are now part of the daily lives of many households, most of the time they are able to cope with needs requiring sums that are beyond the reach of the latter. And the revolving credit is not an exception either; the revolving credit or standing loan is an envelope of sum intended for the borrower, which he withdraws at his will and which is reconstituted with its monthly repayment, a reconstitutable envelope so that it can be reused thereafter until exhaustion of term of the contract. The story is on http://wbts-forum.org/direct-payday-loans-online-where-can-i-get-a-loan-online-with-bad-credit/

Indeed, credit cards are one of the uses of the envelope intended for the borrower, endorsed cards allowing to make bank withdrawals for example, one being a transfer for the bank account in the open. borrower; To learn more , come here!

Credit cards sent by department stores

Credit cards sent by department stores

As its name already indicates, these are the department stores that offer its customers the option of paying their purchases in several installments for interest , for a period of one year renewable; it is thus a classic case of a loan of money by an individual to a bank to finance purchases of consumption.

Credit cards issued by lending banks

The operation of revolving credit cards

The operation of revolving credit cards

These are blue cards that work like all conventional bank cards, allowing payments or withdrawals of a sum of money that will be debited to the reserves of revolving credit money but not on current accounts of borrowers, repayable monthly with all the interests , the insurance, the various expenses that that imply .

In fact, to pay for purchases made at department stores with bank payment terminals, it is therefore possible to choose to submit the payments of your invoices to the revolving credit on demand , so the amount of your purchases should add up to your withdrawals on the money reserve of your revolving credit, and this is also the case of withdrawal of cash, you can choose to draw on the reserve of money but not on your current and the money reserve debited so will be reconstituted monthly by your current account or by your monthly repayments; the blue cards thus make it possible to buy on credit in the stores and to withdraw liquid like all the other bank blue cards whatever its name ;

The various revolving credit cards

The Agile Visa credit card revolving credit money from the reserve Sofinco, also to benefit from special offers or just the blue map of the Banque Postale and LCL are also an extension of the use of credit renewable at home.

Finally, it seems obvious to note that the Cofinoga smiles function more like loyalty cards than as blue cards because they allow the accumulation of points in order to benefit from certain advantages , in addition, these cards are not compatible only in the Cofinoga network only.

In short, all of these bank cards work in much the same way, withdrawing cash from the cash reserve or making payment for purchases on credit , money withdrawn from the revolving credit therefore, reconstituted as a result of monthly repayments with all the interests that this entails.

The benefits of the revolving credit card

Its use is similar to all bank cards we said, with a main benefit that is its flexibility, the borrower is able to use the amount of money at his own pace via the card backed by a revolving credit, in addition, the user has legal protection of the consumer credit because the loan contract must contain important features of the contract , the amount of the loan allocated to the reconstitutable envelope, the repayment period, the applied rate, the various expenses and it thus has a period of 14 days to retract from the issuance of the offer by the lender .

Finally, the use of revolving credit cards can take the user to unnecessary expenses by its ease of use without immediate consequences but whose interest and insurance in addition to the various costs that credit entails, make it costly to end, or over-indebtedness if there is not excellent management of his account by the borrower.

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