Do you dream of a vacation? Find out how to get it thanks to the "Holiday Loan".


When you return home from a trip, in addition to good memories, the first thing we think about is how to organize the next vacation. What if we don’t have the necessary funds but don’t want to give up a few days of relaxation? In these cases, the Holiday Loan helps us . These types of loans are financing solutions specifically designed to meet all the costs related to a leisure trip or a study holiday. See for an example

What is a Holiday Loan and how does it work?

What is a Holiday Loan and how does it work?


We can include this type of financing in normal personal loans. Once you have chosen the credit institution, just follow the normal procedures and, if successful, you will receive the desired sum to be used for the trip and possibly for other purposes.

Some of the solutions offered by the credit market make it possible to cover 100% of the cost of the holiday, being able to receive an amount between € 3,000 and € 30,000, with a duration of between 12 and 60 months. Unlike other financing solutions, holiday loans have a fixed interest rate and regular installments.

Get your loan now .. and go on your vacation!

What are the requirements to obtain a Holiday Loan?


The requirements, as well as the documentation to be presented and the procedure to be followed, are similar to the other financing solutions. Then the chosen credit institution will verify the creditworthiness of the applicant, before providing the requested sum. It will ensure that there is the ability to pay the repayment installments and that there are no reports as a bad payer or a protested person against the applicant.

Another important factor is the presence of a constant and demonstrable source of income, such as a permanent employment contract. If this is not present, some credit institutions allow the intervention of a guarantor.

Are there alternatives to Holiday Loan?

Are there alternatives to Holiday Loan?


If your request is rejected, don’t despair. There are alternatives that allow you to buy and pay for a trip in installments. The first alternative to be assessed is the salary -backed loan, which allows the repayment amount to be deducted directly from the salary or pension.

In case you already have other loans in progress, you may want to consider applying for a debt consolidation loan.   This type of financing will allow you to pay off other debts in progress and obtain more liquidity by paying a single monthly installment.

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