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A checking account serves to receive funds. As a rule, these are the wages and salaries of the employees. For self-employed and freelancers there are business accounts that hardly differ in their handling. Similarly, the current payments, such as rent, electricity, gas and telephone are debited from a current account. for clarification

It is constantly in motion. Many consumers give their landlords approval for the direct debit. These or their banks then collect monthly rent from the current account of the tenant. However, direct debits can also come from other companies if this has previously been agreed with the customer. Now and then it happens that there is a return debit due to lack of coverage. Does this affect a loan?

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Credit despite running credit

Credit despite return debit


Most people go to their bank first for a loan request. This is convenient, here you know each other and through a personal conversation, some ambiguities can be eliminated. Before a loan is pledged, the clerk first looks at the account movements of the past three months. He pays special attention to return debit notes. If several chargebacks have been made during this period, then he first looks at what was wrong. Unfortunately, there are also cases where companies still post off their former clients’ accounts even though the direct debit has been revoked. This is not the account holder’s fault and return debits are legitimate in this case.
However, if there is a shortage of the current account to return debit notes, then look closely. In this case, return debits mean nothing other than the account holder’s improper handling of his payment obligations. With a return debit this is not even a problem, but if there are several, then it will be difficult with a loan despite return debit.

The solution is an online loan

The solution is an online loan


Those who are affected by several return direct debits for lack of cover, but still has a good credit rating, should play it safe and apply for a loan from an online bank. The Schufa will of course be checked, but the Bank does not see the account movements in the current account.

Unless the account is held at straighter this bank. In general, it is worth taking a look at the offers of online banks. These often offer their loans much cheaper than the branch banks. A loan despite return debit is there a real alternative, and while you’re at it, you can also compare the same conditions with checking accounts. A house bank never offers a checking account without account maintenance fees. Internet financial institutions but already.


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