A lot of times when parents send their kids on a mission of cleaning their room, most find out that after only 15 minutes the kid’s room is messy again. Parents try their best to teach their kids how to clean and organize their rooms, however most of the times it is not as easy as it might seem. It is very important for parents to teach their kids how to properly clean and organize their rooms, in a long run it will be good for both the kids and for their parents. Most of the time you can’t simply give instructions and insist that kids need to clean their rooms, children will mostly fail in completing the task for numerous reasons. It is much better to show them how to do it properly, be a great example from which kids can learn. Kids copy the lifestyle of his parents; they do only what his parents do. So, keep in mind if you want to teach your kids to clean their rooms then show them how to make their bed, where to put their toys and clothes. Everything that you will show them they will copy and try to do so themselves. Parents need to establish routines of mornings and evenings. Making a checklist will help greatly too. Here are few things that your kids can do to clean their rooms themselves.


1-Give them a Trash Can

Kids learn everything from parent’s habits and behavior. If you show them how to put garbage into the trash can or garbage bag then they will do the same next time. So, kids can put trash where it belongs rather than leaving it on the floor.


Clothing is an easy step that you kids can learn easily from you. They can put all the clothes off the floor and bed into the basket. It will be much easier for parents to collect the dirty clothes, wash them and put them back in the dresser or hand them in the closet.

3-Thing That Belong To Other Rooms

One of the things that kids can learn to do is to put things that do not belong in their room back where they actually belong.

4-Use the Toy Box

You kids can start putting their toys in the toy box. Toys laying around on the floor and under the bed make the room look very messy and unorganized.

5-Made Bed

If you teach your kids how to make their bed it will be something that they do every time they get off the bed. Making bed is a very simple task, however it will play a major role in making the room look tidy. You can teach them to throw dirty bed sheet in the laundry basket and use a clean bed sheet to make the bed.

6-Put Books And School Bag in the Right Place.

If your kids are in school then it is recommended that you teach them to put their book and backpacks in the right place. Kids tend to throw things all over the room once they are back from school which causes a lot of mess so, show your kids where they should put those items.

7-Entertainment area.

Most of the kids rooms now days have a lot of TVs, DVD players, Blue Ray Players, computers/laptops and video games in their room as part of their entertainment. After a while you will notice extension cords, game controllers and wires all over the place. Make sure to show your kids how to keep this organized.

8-Vacuum Cleaner

If you have carpet on your floor then your kids can use a vacuum cleaner to clean their carpet. But if you have wood or tiles on your floor then it is your duty to sweep the floors. Most kids are unable to sweep their rooms.

9-Spray Air Freshener In Kids Room.

After cleaning the carpet, you are almost done. Now it’s time to spray the air freshener in their room.